07 Aug

Margie Tomczak, representing Palmetto Breeze Food Bank, reached out to the women of the LINKS group at Moss Creek in July. She sought the assistance of the Moss Creek Women's LINKS Group in organizing a food drive to replenish their depleted shelves.

Inclusively, the ladies extended an invitation to the men’s LINKS group to join our efforts. Thanks to the remarkable generosity displayed by both the Men's and Women's LINKS groups, they successfully stocked the back of a Buick Enclave with essential items.

The attached photographs capture moments from this fundraising event. They filled the cargo area of the vehicle full with provisions along with two trolleys. 

These provisions are destined for sorting and storage at the Palmetto Breeze facility. The Palmetto Breeze Food Bank plays a vital role in supporting the dedicated individuals serving the Low Country. Commencing their journeys as early as 4:30, these individuals board buses and subsequently transfer at the Palmetto Breeze Depot in Bluffton. From there, they proceed to catch ferries bound for Daufuskie Island or other designated locations.

Well done Ladies and Gentlemen! This is a beautiful example of the 5 'Tees' of our Links Mission. This service to the community represents the 'K' in LINKS-Kindling compassion on the poor and needy. Thank you for your service for Kingdom!

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