What is a “fellowship” anyway?

Is it only used in movies about knights and armor..."Let us go and fellowship one with another!” and then they go and eat a leg of mutton together...Is it some secret religious club where all the “fellows” memorize the Bible and test each other on their knowledge? Is it a club where everyone wears the same outfit and there are strict rules about attendance and a secret handshake?

What “fellowship” is not:

  • It’s not where you have to wear armor and eat large pieces of meat.
  • It’s not a religious club or sect that test each other on their knowledge of the Bible.
  • It’s not a scary place where you are judged, criticized or penalized for your past or present or your ideas or your opinions.
  • It’s not a place where attendance is mandatory.

What a“fellowship” is:

  • It is a group of people living in the same place, or neighborhood or having something in common like activities, interests, feelings and experiences.
  • It’s a company of friends.
  • It’s a safe place to share your fears, hopes and dreams for yourself and the people you love.
  • It’s a place where you don’t have to share if you don’t want to but if you do what you share is held in strictest confidence.
  • It’s a place that accepts you as you are and where you are in your spiritual walk.
  • It’s a place where there is respect for different opinions, experiences and backgrounds.

What a “fellowship” can be:

  • It can be a place of comfort and peace.
  • It can be a place of support.
  • It can be a place of learning.
  • It can be a place of building up and strengthening.
  • It can be a place of growth…in all aspects of your life.
  • It can be the start of long lasting and strong friendships.

Yes. Links Players Women’s Fellowships can meet outside of a golf club or golf facility. Some groups have had to meet outside of their golf clubs due to various reasons. One group has met at a Chick-fil-a, and another group has met at a restaurant.
Yes, you may belong to more than one fellowship.
Each fellowship is unique, and some feel led to be part of multiple fellowships. Additionally, some women are in different parts of the country throughout the year and would like to have fellowship in the region there are visiting in.
Absolutely! Links Players provides resources—nearly all of it free—to support your Fellowship. These include the Links Players Handbook, a great five-week study to get your Fellowship going. Beyond this, the Links Daily Devotional provides daily talking points for your participants. On Fridays, the devotion is accompanied by a Bible study and often an introductory video. As much as you want it to be, the content for your Fellowship’s discussions can be “plug and play.” You’ll also find topical Bible studies on our site, or you might choose a curriculum of your own—anything that fits the five Links Players tenets. But, if you feel lead to use another biblical material to support your fellowship, feel free to do so.
No, you do not have to be a golfer to be part of a Links Players Women’s Fellowship. In fact, many women that attend Links Players fellowships are not golfers. Some women have spouses that attend the men’s fellowships, other women are members at their golf clubs and want to be part of the fellowship. Each fellowship varies. Some fellowships have mostly golfers, and others have very few golfers.
No. There is no cost in starting or being part of a Links Players Women's Fellowship.
There is no requirement to how often a Links Players Women’s Fellowship should meet. Some fellowships meet weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. Others meet seasonally.
Yes. The more the merrier!
Some Links Players Women’s Fellowships may be at a private club. If that is the case, then there may be a golf club membership requirement to be part of that fellowship. Most Links Players Women’s Fellowships are open to the public.
This is a helpful article written by Links Player, Mark 'Ole' Olson
Keeping Your Fellowship A Safe Space​​​