If you recognize the spiritual emptiness of women where you play golf, your heart may already be inclined toward starting a Links Fellowship where friends can meet to discuss things that truly matter, centered around the words of the Bible. From there, they support one another in prayer and reach out to others who have no anchor in Jesus, often by their steady presence in the club.

How does this happen? It commonly begins with just three or four initiators who commit to meeting as often as weekly. Most choose to use the Links Friday Devotional and Bible study as their resource. It’s free, quick-to-print, and usually includes an introductory video. It also begins with a golf illustration and golf-related starter questions, so even inexperienced attendees can feel like part of the Fellowship. See a sample on the 'Bible Resource' page.

Our “Starting a Links Fellowship” PDF gives you information and ideas for getting started and includes a signature page so you can become “official” and list your Fellowship among the many others around the country. We can also answer questions, coach you through those opening sessions, and welcome you to one of our leader retreats.

Click here to Download the "Starting A Links Fellowship".
How to Start a Links Fellowship

How to start a women's fellowship imageHow to start a women's fellowship image